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Patrik Jenemark's Team Is Thriving in Sweden

Posted Apr 22, 2024 | Views 302
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Patrik Jenemark, CEO of Sweden-based Nordvalls Etikett, talks about his company's flexibility, sustainability and innovation in this interview from Edge Indy.

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It makes sense that Sweden-based Nordvalls Etikett was the first company to install an HP Indigo V12 Digital Press in Scandinavia. The company, whose roots extend all the way back to 1907, has a long history of innovation and growth.

To CEO Patrik Jenemark, "growth is in our DNA," and today his team is capitalizing on Scandinavia's rising label demand. The company operates four production facilities and offers variety of self-adhesive labels, including multi-color labels, multi-sheet labels, security labels and more.

In this sit-down interview from Edge Indy, Patrik talks about the consultative approach of his team, the simple-to-complex needs of his customers, the benefits of investing in the most-modern digital label production and more.

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Posted Jan 23, 2024 | Views 89
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