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Linda Bishop Is Constantly Learning

Posted Jun 05, 2024 | Views 253
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Her new book on ChatGPT for print sales is only part of her continual advancement.

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If you've seen Linda Bishop's "AI Innovators Series" episode on using ChatGPT prompts to boost print sales, then you know why we had to interview her for this episode of "Unvarnished."

Linda, President of Thought Transformation, is a tactical print and marketing expert who cares passionately about helping print teams win more business. She started Thought Transformation in 2001 after a successful sales career, and has worked with many well-known leaders in their fields, including HP, Carrier, Hitachi, Neenah and Schnitzer Steel.

As the world of sales evolved, Linda did, too. Today, she specializes in providing salespeople with the support they need to get meetings, maintain momentum and convert leads into customers.

In this episode, Linda talks about finishing her new book, "The ChatGPT Sales Playbook: Revolutionizing Sales with AI." (That link is to the ordering page on BookBaby, the company run by former "Unvarnished" guest Tony van Veen.) She also chats about the importance of continually learning and working to stand out to clients.

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