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Just Getting Started with AI? This Workshop Is Ideal

Posted Jul 10, 2024 | Views 27
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Daniel Jenkins
Commercial Director at Wagada Digital @ Wagada Digital

Daniel, an expert strategist and Commercial Director is a Chartered Marketer with a Distinction in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has strong experience in both digital and traditional marketing methods and specialises in marketing strategy for B2B and B2C brands. Passionate about integrated communications and multi-platform advertising campaigns, he takes a holistic approach to all marketing activity and will consider the full marketing mix when building strategic plans designed to increase clients’ visibility, engagement, and return on investment.

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Digital marketing expert Daniel Jenkins talks about AI's growth and demonstrates how to use custom GPTs to empower your business.

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"Essentially, AI is just smarter technology that can make you better at your job," says digital marketing maestro Daniel Jenkins in this excellent episode of Dscoop's "AI Innovators" series. He presents an action plan to activate AI to improve your search-engine results.

There are inexpensive tools available to help printers improve their SEO without having to trudge through hours of online YouTube tutorials, and in the video Daniel clearly explains why they matter and how to best use them. It's a worthwhile watch for anyone aiming to kickstart or fine-tune their SEO efforts.

No stranger to the Dscoop community, Daniel previously shared AI case studies in action during an eye-opening keynote at the 2023 Dscoop UK Summit in Sheffield, UK. He and his team at UK-based digital marketing agency Wagada Digital https://www.wagada.co.uk/ help organizations build more traffic and convert more leads.

Daniel's workshop provides insight on ...

  • What AI is, and how it's shaking up the digital landscape as we know it
  • Language AI models and ChatGPT
  • Using custom GPTs to supercharge your SEO
  • Crafting the perfect prompt
  • Using AI tools for content marketing
  • Helpful features of the AI tools SEO Monitor and MarketMuse

Gain the confidence to start using AI, so you can build a more effective lead-generation SEO process for your business.

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