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A Fantastic Year for Dscoop's Asia-Pacific Region!

Posted Dec 19, 2023 | Views 784

As we conclude 2023, let's applaud the achievements of Dscoop's Asia-Pacific region! The year was marked by our shared successes, innovative breakthroughs and the beautiful spirit of a community that continues to inspire!

Before you delve into the one-minute video recap of our remarkable year, let's hear directly from our members:

"Dscoop APJ has had a very eventful 2023. With the community coming together across the entire region. Lots of learning delivered and, most importantly, strong relationships built across regions and nationalities. This region is gearing up to become a huge global economic driver in the years to come."

  • Denver Annunciation (India)

"Ending 2023 with heart full of memories we learnt, worked, collaborated and had FUNNNNN!. Cheers to all Dscoop family for a wonderful year spent together and look forward to even stronger years ahead”.

  • Laurensius Candra (Indonesia)

"The connections I made at Dscoop 2023 weren't just business cards; they were seeds for future collaborations. I'm excited to see what we can achieve together in the coming year."

  • Praput Chivapornthip (Thailand)

“The lessons I’ve learned this year at Dscoop is valuable, and friendship and partnership from the people I’ve connected with is priceless. Cheers to another bright year ahead.”

  • Mark Carunungan (Philippines)
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