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August 25, 2023

Taopix: Interview, Webinar & Vertical-Market Thoughts

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A roundup of news and insight from Taopix

White-label personalization software firm Taopix enables any business to offer an endless range of personalized items on any device. The Dscoop Partner's primary focus has been photobooks since the company was established in 2007, while it has also innovated and penetrated markets such as advertising and marketing.

Taopix enjoys the opportunity to share knowledge and inspiration with fellow Dscoopers, as it did in this helpful video recorded with Ultimate TechnoGraphics about how to best automate web-to-print photo projects.

Here's a recent-news roundup about Taopix:

  1. An interview with Commercial Director Michael Carey from the Edge St. Louis World Expo
  2. An upcoming webinar series on artificial intelligence, geared for printers in Latin America, that will be moderated by Alejandro Gamboa, Business Development Manager for Latin America & The Caribbean, Spain and Portugal at Taopix
  3. Thoughts on succeeding in vertical markets, submitted by the Taopix team

Interview with Taopix's Michael Carey

Michael talks to Deborah Corn about the innovation Taopix continues to deliver to printers, how it's "the OG" of personalized photo software and why he's always excited to meet Dscoopers:

Upcoming Webinar Series Moderated by Taopix

The words "artificial intelligence" have whirred through conference rooms and watercooler conversations for months now, but what does AI really mean for printers? How can it help them today, and help them best prepare for tomorrow?

Those questions will be answered in Dscoop's upcoming three-part "AI Impact Series," scheduled for three dates in 2023 — Sept. 20, Oct. 5 and Oct. 25. The first two sessions will be moderated by Taopix's Alejandro Gamboa.

Geared toward Spanish-speaking printers, each 60- to 90-minute session will empower printers to learn about AI from an operational perspective. Attendees will gain actionable strategies and tools to help their businesses stay ahead of the curve and navigate the AI revolution.

Go to the "Events" tab of Dscoop.com for updates and registration.

Taopix's Thoughts on Succeeding in Vertical Markets

When it comes to vertical markets the options are endless, and you may struggle to choose your specific audience when the variety is aplenty. One surefire way for your business to struggle for custom is by appealing to too wide of an audience. Sure, everyone can make use of print at some point, but your business will flourish if you select a specific group of people and tell them exactly why they need print, and why you will solve their printing problems.

As a print business, opportunity is on your side. While the world appears to be heading toward a digital approach, the value of print is rising as customers are more selective over what they commission for print. With printing items that are better valued to the individual, they’re more likely to upgrade or purchase a higher line than if they were printing en masse. Particularly prosperous markets over the last couple of years have included pet related gifts, games (think jigsaws and board games) and sentimental products such as personalized gifts and photobooks.

Within these markets, there has been growth for printers sustained over recent years. According to Technavio, the jigsaw market has a forecast sustained compound annual growth rate of 15.1% until 2025. By creating personalised jigsaw puzzles, you’re allowing little league teams, proud parents, child educators and more to have a puzzle which not only tickles the brain, but also maintains personal interest. Jumping into an inflating vertical market will provide you with opportunity for business growth, reaching new audiences and a means to adapt your business to better what is already an in-demand product.

Also, consider the love of pets. Many pet owners completely spoil their pawed friends (and those with hooves, fins, webs and more) and see them as an extension of the family. The pet accessories market is set to reach $42.3 billion by 2026. If you’re passionate about pets, take a slice of that market by offering personalized pet bowls, "Fido’s first Christmas" tree decorations and tote bags emblazoned with a photo of the furry friend.

Consider other niches that interest you, and think realistically about how this can apply to the world of print. Whatever you choose, you can create it with cutting-edge personalization software.

As a Taopix customer, you’ll be provided with thousands of digital 3D models prime for personalizing. Templates from clocks to travel mugs, tote bags to sandals — Taopix customers have a wealth of free 3D models to present to their prospects for preview ahead of print. As a personalization software provider, Taopix has customers across many varied markets.

Increasing your ROI as a printer, reaching a concentrated audience ready to buy, and finding the bridge between work and personal interests, are all benefits of personalized print within vertical markets. 

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