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February 13, 2024

India's Vibrant Photo Printing Landscape

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A report by Vimal Parmar upon attending the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair 2024.

The photography business in India is propelled by the country’s vibrant wedding industry, where a staggering 10 million marriages happen annually with a consistent growth rate of 20%-25%. This translates to about 15 million wedding albums every year.

With a population exceeding 1.4 billion, and with more than half of those people below the age of 25, this growth is going to last for quite a long time. And this is just half the story since consumer photobooks (travel albums, family books, etc.) are almost negligible here comparatively. However, the interest in consumer photobooks is growing and forward-thinking print service providers are frantically working on creating a different business model and making necessary changes in their working methodology to tap this segment.

The bridge between professional photographers and innumerable vendors to the photography industry are the photo trade shows that happen across the country. But among the trade shows, the Consumer Electronics Imaging Fair (CEIF), organised by the All India Photographic Trade & Industry Association (AIPTIA), takes centre stage in terms of its grandeur and importance.

The success of the CEIF 2024, which took place in Mumbai, India, from January 11-13, was evident in its comprehensive presentation of the newest developments in photo imaging technology. As a vital gathering for top manufacturers, pioneers and stakeholders in the photography sector, CEIF 2024 provided a platform for the exhibition of state-of-the-art products.

Notably, among the diverse segments highlighted at the fair, the photo printing industry garnered significant attention from both industry experts and passionate enthusiasts.

In the space of photo printing, TechNova Imaging Systems and HP distinguished themselves by adopting unique approaches. At TechNova's exhibition space, where I was also present to advocate for print, the primary focus was on enlightening photographers about innovative income sources. The emphasis was placed on various printed applications including travel books, family books, canvas prints, and a range of general commercial products.

HP, on the other hand, showcased its most preferred photo printing solutions HP Indigo 15K Digital Press and HP Indigo 7K Digital Press on live product demonstration. They introduced innovative formats like tabloid newspapers for weddings, promising a quick transition from raw photos to a printed album within 30 minutes with the integration of AI-enabled tools. The event also highlighted new sizes of HP Indigo Enlargements, such as 20x30, 24x36, 30x40 and 40x60 inches, signaling a significant change in the industry. A Appadurai, country manager, Indigo and inkjet business solutions, HP India, said, “At HP, we recognize that every click captures a unique story, and our commitment to innovation is centred on enhancing and preserving these narratives. Our revolutionary digital printing press solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the dynamic needs of the photo and commercial printing industry.”

Besides the two companies dedicated to educating professional photographers, there were additional notable brands and firms in the domain of photo printing, attracting a similar influx of enthusiastic visitors eager to grasp and enhance their knowledge of harnessing print capabilities. Other noteworthy companies specializing in substrates and post-print finishes also drew a substantial crowd. Among them were Felix Schoeller, Polyplex, VMS, Pinnacle Technocrats and Sheth Printograph, just to mention a few.

I inquired with Rashmi Sharma, the Community Success Manager for South Asia at Dscoop, about her perspective on CEIF. She expressed that, to her, CEIF goes beyond a mere display of products and services. Instead, it serves as a significant platform for engaging with individuals and fostering relationships.

This insight underscores the notion that such exhibitions are not just about presenting offerings but also about cultivating meaningful connections and advancing professional relationships.

CEIF 2024 proved to be a vibrant forum highlighting progress in the domain of photo printing, underscoring the industry's dedication to providing outstanding experiences in the era of digital innovation.

About the author:

Vimal Parmar is an experienced marketing consultant and digital print evangelist with over 40 years of experience within the dynamic photo imaging industry. He's a distinguished educator, effective communicator, adept marketer and trusted advisor, acknowledged for substantial contributions in advancing the cause of photo printing.

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